Mechanical Helper

The United Arab Emirates has one of the largest construction sectors to date in the late millennia. Due to their economic boom, job opportunities are continuously available in the market. However, such job opportunities are not just for anyone. A great demand for efficient workers are highly needed in the construction industry in UAE to get the proper work done.

Empower Technical Contracting L.L.C

Manpower that you can trust

Thus, for the past years, an existing challenge for finding the right and adequate workforce for different construction jobs has emerged. Empower Technical Contracting LLC was created to give solution to this problem. At our company, we have set a tremendous standard for each of our workers, even to our mechanical helpers.
Although they are called helpers, mechanical helpers still have a highly complex job description. They provide support to lead mechanics which entails that they should also be knowledgeable in the trade itself. They need to know basic use of hand tools as their assistance can aid the efficiency of the construction workplace.

They provide support to those leading the project, and thus skilled and proficient ones would be best since they can do better work. Some of their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Work on tasks given by supervisors
  • Assist in fitting and threading of pipes
  • Assemble or disassemble equipment according to what is needed
  • Responsible for regular maintenance and repair of machinery and different equipment
  • Aid restoration, adjustment, and maintenance of different motors.
  • Troubleshoot and repair faulty machinery and equipment.

Mechanical helpers do not have easy tasks; being a proficient one entails that the helper is skilled enough to do any job that fits the description. At Empower Technical Contracting L.L.C., you can count on our mechanical helpers to give their 100% at every job given to them.


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